Investor Module

VENTREPRENEUR: Persons completing enterpreneur investor module obtain this adjective.

- Entrepreneurship Expert Network -




The seed stage consists of 4 weeks of training and practice.

  • Investment Criteria and Entrepreneur Evaluation
  • Decision Making Process Management and Strategic Planning
  • Financial Relations and Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Identity
  • Investor-Entrepreneur Relationship
  • Investor Psychology and Social Responsibility
  • Legal Ground
Venture Hub, a platform that brings entrepreneurs together with investors, assesses initiatives with parameters such as market growth potential, differences, income and profit model and entrepreneurs' competence and enthusiasm.

  • It brings together the most suitable investor for the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurs who are most suitable for the investors.
  • It prepares in the best way the entrepreneur who will confront with the investor until the presentation time.
  • It presents his views and evaluations about the entrepreneur and enterprise to the investor.
  • It enables both investors and entrepreneurs to express themselves in the best possible way.
  • It reports on the potential of the initiative.

While Venture Hub helps entreprise growing with its knowledge and experience, at the same time it earns investors who invest in these entreprises.

It is our primary goal that initiatives aimed at different sectors come to a stage where value-added will emerge in our country and in the world. At this point, it is continued to provide the entrepreneurs mentoring and consulting activities before, during and after the investment.