Each initiative has its own development process. In this process they need a place, a financing and a human resource. The elite initiatives included in the Garage program are supported by finance, human resources, and space and are a step ahead in achieving their initiatives.


Fintech Garage

We see that finance meets technology and changes in finance and banking sector. It is an incubation program for fresh entrepreneurs in the fast developing Financial Technologies world.

Biotech Garage

It is an incubation program for initiatives that we believe will increase the quality of life by considering that the average life span is getting longer and that health technology has become important in our lives day by day.

Agritech Garage

It is an incubation program for innovative initiatives at the point of "Agriculture Technologies" when we take into account that the world population is increasing and the basic needs of living things are met by the earth.

Foodtech Garage

It is an incubation program for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to contribute by using the technology until the moment the customer arrives, covering the packaging and distribution processes of each product production process within the context of the requirements of the food industry.

Greentech Garage

Because of the rapid industrialization and the unconscious use of natural resources, the environment is losing its characteristics from day by day. The harm that the consumer society gives to the environment is the incubation program for "Nature Friendly" technological initiatives aimed at reducing the most.