Our Advisor Network

International Advisory Network

ENTREN is an organization that encourages and activates elements of global entrepreneurship. For this reason, it continually updates its relationship with the entrepreneurship ecosystem from different parts of the world and provides the basis for sharing information, experience and network coordinated for the development of the ecosystem.

Our International Advisory Board has mutually valuable members who have made a difference in their areas and have the knowledge, experience and network triple the entrepreneurship ecosystem needs.

The Advisory Board will contribute to the sustainable expansion of entrepreneurship and building on solid foundations with the support of our members for the growing ENTREN on a global scale.

Academic Advisory Board

It is made up of academicians who will make academic studies to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, or academicians in the ecosystem that will be able to advise entrepreneurs in their own fields of expertise.

Industry and Trade Advisory Board

Entrepreneurs are involved in innovative initiatives in different sectors of industry and commerce. It is our advisory board that has recommendations for entrepreneurs to evaluate the added value that enterprises can create in different fields of industry and trade and to develop different sectors in line with their needs.

Investment Support and Promotion Advisory Board

It is our advisory board that encourages investors to invest in their investments and also contributes to promotional activities in order to create an environment of trust in investor-entrepreneurial relations by sharing the experiences of entrepreneurs at the point of reaching finance.

Legal and Intellectual Property Advisory Board

The protection of legal issues and intellectual rights in the entrepreneurship ecosystem has a great importance. It is our advisory board that has recommendations for the protection of entrepreneur and investor rights, the consolidation of the legal basis of investor-entrepreneurial relations, and the dissemination of the concept of intellectual property.