In order for the entrepreneurship ecosystem to grow in an inclusive way, contributions from different geographies and institutions with different characteristics are very important.

Public, private sector and non-governmental organizations play a major role in the development of communities by promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable work by setting common goals in a coordinated manner. We are pleased to cooperate with distinguished public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

The institutions where entrepreneur people are educated are very valuable in the development of them. Since we can not have an idea without having knowledge, education institutions that have achieved accurate and useful information have taken place among our collaborations.

The private sector, which generates added value, will encourage entrepreneurs for their future business areas and the new generation of business.

Public institutions' supports for entrepreneurs and new legislation that can be created are of great importance for the ecosystem.

The institutions we cooperate with will be with us on this journey with their experiences. We will collaborate with institutions that we come together to produce bi-directional benefits on both local and global scale.