Global Digital Marketing Competition

ENTREN follows the new developments and trends in the world and designs their activities and works accordingly. ENTREN will reveal the difference in the digital world with the "Digimarker" contest which it will organize.

Digimarker is a global digital marketing competition organized by ENTREN. Digimarker is not only a competition in the field of digital marketing but also an activity in which the multicultural business world will be strengthened with the digital world developing dynamically and digital marketing strategies will be formed with the active participation of young people.

This contest which 120 young people will be selected will be held in a host university in Istanbul after the applications are received from the young people under 25 of 40 countries. Accommodation and study areas will be established in the university campus.

Digimarker consists of the following stages:

Orientation Day

Participants will come together with the other participants and will adapt to the surrounding area with socialization activities that will last for 1 day. Each participant will be included in different competition teams created with participants from different countries.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Participants will gain a vision in the field of digital marketing with two-day seminars with the marketing directors of key companies in Turkey and the world, the managers of the companies that brought in the digital intellectuals and the academicians.

Discover Your Brand

Each brand that is sponsored for each worn-out competition created will be shared separately. Each team will begin to work to create a brand's digital marketing project and strategy. In order to get to know the brand more closely, one day will pass in the brand's management center and marketing department. Each brand will be hosted by 1 team for 1 day.


Teams will start to work in the spaces reserved for the brands they are responsible for. They will be able to conduct interviews and meetings with their own mentors for 2 days at their own time.

Final Day

On the final day each team will present their digital strategies in front of a jury formed by leading names in the digital field with presentations that are up to 12 minutes in length. Teams entering the degree will be awarded by sponsor brands at the awards ceremony held at the gala night. All participant certificates will be issued.