96 applicants are selected from among the applicants, then 24 entrepreneurs are selected to ENTRAN ACADEMY after the 1st stage and 2nd stage comprehensive interviews.

ENTREN Academy

"Seed Stage"

The seed stage consists of 8 weeks of Training and Case Studies.
  • Work Plan Preparation and Financing Of Entrepreneurship
  • Operation Management (Logistics-Supply-Crm) and R&D-Innovation
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • New Commercial Trade E-Trade and Online Enterprising World
  • Global Trade Opinions (Asia-Africa-Middle East-Europe)
  • Entrepreneur Psychology and Social Responsibility
  • Decision Making Process Management and Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Identity

Note: Certificates will be issued at the end of Entren Academy. In this certificate, the names and adjectives of the trainees will be signed.

ENTREN Consulting

"Fruit Stage"
The 8 Weeks Fruit stage will be planned so that each entrepreneur candidate and the consultant and mentor will meet at least once a week according to the common schedule of names on our network. The longer and shorter duration of this period may vary depending on the decision of our entrepreneurial candidate and consultant.
Entrepreneur candidates who have completed their studies at the ENTREN Academy will continue to work with 24 interdisciplinary mentors in ENTREN Consulting, moving on to a different stage. Our consultants will help in analyzing the entrepreneurial candidate's initiative idea. In addition, we will direct our candidate entrepreneur to our mentor network which is composed of senior managers in the active trade business in the sector where the candidate enterprise will be located.


"Time for Harvest"
Our candidate, who has set up the initiative, will continue to work as a business person. After going through this phase, ENTRAN will continue to carry out activities in line with the different needs of a business person.
Planned activities:


At networking meetings held every month, members recognize each other, pass and establish new business connections with each other.

Case Camp

It is a camping event where meetings and workshops are held on new "case studies" that last a few days in a suburban places with four months periods.



We will organize a meeting of a certain number of ENTREN members at an evening meal and mutual exchange of ideas with an effective name every two months in a global or local sense of business.

Global Summit

It is a global event consisting of summits and workshops on entrepreneurship once a year in which the world's leading entrepreneurs and investors meet in different countries and cities.

Global B2B

It is an outcome oriented abroad business meeting which gives opportunity to come up with the customers and investors related to your sector during the visit to the country which is made to make point shooting in global markets with three months periods.