ENTREN (Entrepreneurship Expert Network) ® is established to develop entrepreneurship ecosystem in all dimensions. It serves for entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, consultants and institutions that constitute the stakeholders of the ecosystem. Entrepreneurship creates sustainable and surplus values by improving the quality of stakeholders in the ecosystem. Those who want to direct the Economy of the Future meet at ENTREN®.

Our Goals

  • ENTREN® aims to create value-added in an innovative manner to all stakeholders of the ecosystem with its own programs, projects and activities.
  • It aims to bring the quality of the global standard for entrepreneurship ecosystem to the local stakeholders.
  • ENTREN® aims to meet needs and exceed expectations in the services it provides to individuals and institutions.
  • It aims to become a model and leader in providing quality and contribution to the ecosystem.
  • ENTREN® aims to bring social utility to the forefront.

Our Values

  • To be open to sharing knowledge and experience
  • Sustainability
  • Solution Focus
  • Continuous Learning
  • Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Impartiality and Independence

Roadmap of Entrepreneurs in ENTREN

ENTREN 101: The Program is for Entrepreneurs who wants to realize their ideas within visionary perspective.The Program helps startups in seed stage to shape their ideas with unique business models and professionals.
INVEST UP: It is an activity in which entrepreneurs offer business ideas and express investment demands, as well as business ideas and presentations and prizes won by jury members.
ENTREN GROW: After seed stage of a Startup, Startup will be ready to present their product or service to market.Startup sells its first product or service to clients.The Startup meets some investors to get seed funding to grow
STARTUP EXPO: Local and global startups will exhibits their products and services to people.Companies, investors and all stakeholders of entrepreneurship ecosystems will be in this Expo where New entrepreneurial activities such as networking with many entrepreneurs, participating in experience-sharing meetings, and most importantly winning-win modeling and financial or human resources support for startups will take place.
ENTREN SCALE: ENTREN believes that Innovative ideas and disruptive business models know no bounds, Every Startup wants to expand abroad and to reach new markets and clients.This Program helps startup to export its products and its services.With this program, Startups have chance to get invesment from international investors and to make global partnerships.
ENTREN DAY: Annual day for ENTREN ecosystem when entrepreneurs, investors,mentors, institutions and companies come together.